Custom Plan In Person or online

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*Plan Overview

*A nutrition education.

*Where do my calories come from?

*The advantages of a high protein diet.

*Carbohydrates complex & simple. How does our body use them.

*Healthy & Unhealthy fats & why healthy fats are essential in our diet.

*How alcohol affects weight loss.

*How to eat for weight loss without counting calories.

*Nutrition notes client specific.

*Vitamin & Supplement notes client specific.

*Training notes client specific.

*Custom exercise & workout routine based on your experience & goals.

*Detailed food list for you to add your favorite foods too.

*Custom meal examples to meet your calorie & macro goals.

*A flexible meal plan outlining your meal calories and daily calories to help you achieve your goals.

*Most important the guidance & knowledge of how to eat healthy forever. Without having to follow a food plan.

We will put together a nutrition plan, food list, workout program, cardio program and supplement program. Progress will be tracked every other week via email. I use a combination of scale weight, pictures, food log, your feedback (How you feel i.e. energy levels, appetite, & strength at the gym). Changes to your nutrition, cardio regime, workouts and supplements will be reviewed and changed as needed.

  • Short term & long terms goals
  • Dietary habits, food allergies, past diet experiences
  • Exercise history, Injury history
  • General lifestyle (work schedule, extra activities)

    This program includes:

    • Custom Food plan
    • Custom workout plan
    • Custom supplement plan
    • Custom Cardio plan
    • 10% off all products on our website & in our store 
    • 1 appointment to pick up plan & 1 appointment for a check in (2 appointments total)

    We will email you an intake form to fill out. If you have not received it after purchase please email us