About Us

Larry & Sarah Lyons have owned Mass Muscle Nutrition in Auburn for 12 years.

Larry has been working in the fitness industry for over nineteen years. He is a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer who has been active in nutrition and weight training since age twelve; gaining valuable insight along the way.

By using custom written, easy to follow healthy eating and workout plans prepared by Mass Muscle Nutrition, clients are able to realize personal fitness goals at a pace that they are comfortable with.

Larry and Sarah work with clients to realize actual weight loss and to improve their overall health.  Sport specific, customized programs are also available for athletes of all skill levels interested in improving performance.

Larry and Sarah work with a diverse group of athletes from bodybuilders to triathletes, football, basketball, MMA, hockey & baseball. 

Bodybuilding contest preparation programs from Mass Muscle Maker have helped clients from across the United States win numerous regional competitions, up to earning their pro cards.

Don’t put a better version of you off another day. Get started with your customized program from Mass Muscle Maker today!

Eat better. Feel better. Live better!