Great shop, genuine folks...not just trying to 'make a sale'. Larry is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition. Highly recommend, hidden gem.

Christine S.

I'm just a guy who pops in there every once in a while. Even though I'm not a client, both Sarah and Larry take the time to answer all my questions and they have never 'up-sold' me on more expensive products.

Mathew H.

Larry is an awesome coach! He is very understanding when it comes to making a personalized workout and meal plan for each individual. He finds what works with you and what doesn't.

Mic H.

This a great store, Larry has customized a diet and exercise program that fits my schedule and every few weeks we review and adjust everything, very professional very educational as well. Very results driven program Down 31 Lbs in 9 weeks, with diet and exercise together staying strict with yourself average 4.8 to 5 Lbs per week consistently..Great Job Larry and THANKS

Raymond B.

Larry and Sarah are very professional and unlike other supplement stores won’t sell you garbage supplements.  They take pride in there work and are very knowledgeable about weight loss and how to do it healthy.  I have worked with Larry for over 5 years as a bodybuilder and now for my overall health.  When I lived in MA I would be at his store a couple times a week just asking questions and now that I live 1300 miles away I still use his online coaching service. I have worked with other coaches and weight loss systems and mass muscle maker is by far better then the rest.

Stephen F.

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