Mass Muscle Motivation

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Mass Muscle Maker Motivation Pre Workout

Creatinol-o-phosphate = An intercellular buffer that increases ATP & force of contraction in the muscle cell. It allows you to work past your normal point of failure.

Beta Alanine = The most effective ingredient for sports performance since creatine. It increases strength & muscle mass, increases anaerobic & aerobic endurance & delays muscular fatigue.

Beta- phenylethylamine = Increases activity of neurotransmitters. Increases motivation, physical drive, feelings of well being & social activity.

Arginine AKG = An amino that increases muscle pumps & vascularity as well as delivers blood, oxygen & nutrients to the working muscles. It also stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release HGH, leading to an increase in muscle recovery & repair, regulation of metabolism & body fat reduction.

Shizandrol-a = Very potent neurotropic. Helps fight infection from the common cold, protects lungs & kidneys from free radical damage. Improves energy & focus, used as an ADD & ADHD treatment to improve cognitive function. Reduces stress & increases dopamine in the brain which increases clarity & alertness & improves mental & physical performance.

1,3, Dimethylamine = A neural stimulant that’s similar to ephedrine & adrenaline. Improves attention, focus, energy, motivation & mental alertness. When combined with caffeine it can increase the metabolic rate by 35%. It increases the thermogenic effect, raising the metabolism & enabling more fat to be effectively burned.

Taurine = An amino acid that increases longevity in life. It’s benefits are so broad & extensive that scientist have called it “a wonder molecule”. To name a few: it protects your liver & reduces bad cholesterol. It makes stronger muscle contraction which helps remove lactic acid build up so muscles can work harder for a longer duration of time.